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Create your desired hairstyle at home with Rene Furterer Style Laque! The French brand's spray varnish has earned its popularity thanks to its unique herbal formula with jojoba extract. It helps to take good care of your hair, prevents dryness, breakage and splitting.

The tool allows you to reliably fix smooth strands and voluminous curls, while maintaining their softness and elasticity, as well as a fresh, well-groomed and natural look throughout the day. The spray spreads easily through the hair and leaves a thin invisible veil on its surface. It does not stick together and makes the hairstyle heavy, protects against the negative influence of external factors and gives a beautiful natural glow.

Rene Furterer Style varnish makes strands silky and manageable, like after salon treatment. If necessary, it can be easily removed by brushing and does not irritate the scalp.

Spray on dry and styled hair from a distance of 20 cm.