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For more than 50 years, the masters of the French brand have been creating professional comprehensive hair and scalp care products so that you can boast not only the beauty, but also the health of your curls. Triphasic Conditioner is specially formulated to treat hair loss due to stress, vitamin deficiency, climate change and other factors.

The formula is based on wheat microproteins, which fill the hair structure, filling and strengthening it. Pfaffia extract activates microcirculation, thereby increasing the respect for vitamins and nutrients. There are no silicones in the composition, so the conditioner does not stick together and does not weigh down. The curls become silky and smooth, and most importantly, strong and protected, resistant to aggressors from the external environment and other irritating factors that can cause hair loss.

After washing, apply a small amount of conditioner to hair and scalp for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.