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ALFAPARF - Style Stories


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Beautiful natural volume and easy flexible fixation are the main advantages of Alfaparf Style Stories Flexible Mousse! Delicate mousse created by the talented masters of the Italian brand specifically for all hair types. It helps you create professional styling even at home. It's time to feel like a real stylist!

The formula of the product is enriched with a valuable extract of moringa seeds, panthenol and other components. They provide gentle care for the strands: they protect against dehydration and brittleness, give softness and elasticity, as well as an attractive natural shine.

Alfaparf Style Stories Flexible Mousse is a gentle creamy mousse that is easy to apply without sticking or weighing down the hair. In addition, it makes them more obedient, flexible to styling and protects against the negative effects of external factors.

Apply the product to wet hair, dry with a hairdryer, modeling the hairstyle.